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          Beijing Fengli Jingqiu Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

          About Fengli

          Beijing Fengli Jingqiu Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. is a leading provider of ingredients for the food and pharmaceutical industry in China. 
          Since 1996, we have been dedicated to promoting a broad range of innovative and high-quality products from leading global manufacturers to the local market. Fengli specializes in supplying pharmaceutical excipients and APIs as well as providing functional solutions to the pharmaceutical industry.
          Guided by Values and Quality
          We provide our business partners with comprehensive supply chain management from sourcing, registration, documentation, transportation, and warehousing to aftersales.


          Partners Worldwide


          Excipients and APIs


          Diverse Clients


          Warehousing Area

          Global Partners

          Together with our global partners, we provide functional and innovative solutions to local research and manufacturing enterprises

          Our News

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          We aim to serve pharmaceuticals, dietary supplements and food for special medical purpose industries with both high-quality excipients & APIs and professional technical support

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